Construction of  CCGT at PKN ORLEN with cooperation with HOBAS System Polska Ltd. 

  1. Elements of cooling water system

3 1

Fan wet coolers

3 2

Cooling water pumping station

3 3

Cooling water pipelines


The elements of Cooling Water System are located in southern part of the parcel in the vicinity of the engine room (object 1.1) at the building boundary of the field 8, 9-1 according to zoning plan

Detailed description of the objects 3.1 – 3.3 can be found in Technical Description in vol II. Book 03 of this paper [Z-1030.2.03] Cooling Water System Objects. The functional and construction set of the objects is shown there on the drawings together with main levels and dimensions.

The cooling water objects designation is  to supply the cooling water for electric plant. The cooling water system for new gas – stem generator block is to be a closed cooling water circulation system, where water will be circulated between the cooling facility and turbine condenser.

The cooling water system will consist of  the following elements:

  • Fan wet coolers
  • Cooling water pumping station
  • Cooling water pipelines


  • Object 3.3 pipelines route for cooling water

The proposed route for cooling water pipelines is shown on the zoning plan. The pipelines connecting the pumping station with engine room and leading out of the engine room to the cooling facility will be laid underground.

The pipelines are to be made from Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP). This material is very resistant to many types of chemical agents as they can be in the cooling water as well as in the covering soil. All crossings under the roads are protected with steel or concrete pipes.

Main cooling water pipelines


Item description




Outer diameter x wall thickness (en route from pumps to engine room)

mm xmm

2031mm x 15,5 mm


Pipeline material




Water flow




Object location

Płock Production Plant, 7 Chemików str., 09-411  Płock


Siemens Ltd.


PKN Orlen S.A.







Tadeusz Zając i Spółka sp.k.




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